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A high quality brush is like a premium quality glass of bourbon (think the classic drink-the Old Fashion)......timeless, feels good in your hand, awakens your confidence and creativity and doesn't leave a trace. Find out what my FIVE favorite brushes are and why!

I'm just going to put the following out here. I'm in my late 50's and farsighted. For those of you who don't know what that means, I'll break it down. I've legitimately earned every wrinkle and age spot on my face and I CAN NOT see things up close. I need glasses to read, 10x magnifying mirrors to apply makeup and then, I hope for the best. I've had three eye surgeries to fix cataracts over 6 years. When it comes to applying make-up, I use to say "there by the grace of God, go I". One thing I have learned is that by selecting high quality vegan brushes, application of makeup regardless of visual acuity is a necessity if you want a flawless application. My top 5 favorite brush styles are:

1. A flat top buffer brush which is great for application of foundation, concealer and contouring. This brush allows for the even application of cream or powder-based products to the face while blending and diffusing harsh edges and lines. This universal brush is a must-have for any artist or makeup wearer.

2. A tapered powder brush which can be used for blush, bronzer and setting powders.

The tapered shape of this brush head allows for precise placement of powder, blush, and highlighters to effortlessly contour facial features.

3. A double sided brow brush. Use the slanted brush for the application of eyeliner and brow powder and the course brush end to tame those wild brow hairs and smooth the brow powder for a more natural , professional application. It's a MUST HAVE!

4. The large shadow brush will not only serve you well for the application of pigment to your eyes but it's also an outstanding brush to use for facial highlights and contouring smaller areas under the lip, the nose bridge, under eyes

5. Last but not least, for a really professional look a blender brush is a must have. I prefer A domed blender brush as opposed to a tapered one but regardless of preference, if you desire to appear as if you have any semblance of skills, being able to rid yourself of obvious stop/start lines in your pigment is crucial. I have also been known to use this brush in the application of concealer. This brush type allows you to contour, blend, and smooth the edges of your shadow for a flawlessly natural look. The small, dense, rounded head of this brush was designed to emulate the touch of a fingertip.

Pro-tip! A perfect makeup application involves two important factors: high quality products and high quality tools. It's not worth the money if your makeup looks runny! #thehollyexperience

Good luck!

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